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Choosing a Sweepstakes Company Manager – Our Guide

Giveaways, prize fulfillment, lottery games, and contests for your marketing promotions are a hassle if your team doesn’t have the necessary experience and knowledge to pull it off. This is where sweepstake management companies come into the picture. They take the responsibility off your shoulders so that your team can focus on growing your company.

The best part about hiring sweepstakes administration services is their massive arsenal of creative offerings — instant win games, UGC promotions, white-label partnerships, and loyalty programs.

What can they do for you?

A holistic sweepstakes promotions agency equipped with technological advancements and services enable you to offer the latest and most innovative digital promotions to your customers. Remember that any digital advertising is an excellent method of acquiring a database of leads. All events can trigger a sense of excitement and hype within your customer base, which has dramatic effects on your sales. 

The most significant benefit you get during these promotions is customer data. Your marketing effort will bear better fruit when you have comprehensive and up-to-date data about your customers. In doing promotions, customers can supply you with all the necessary data when they join your promotions for a chance to win a prize.

How do you know which agency can support your goals?

There are many options out there in today’s market, but not everyone can satisfy your objectives and help you achieve your goals. Remember that all contest administration services drive consumer behavior through registrations, traffic driving, awareness campaigns, and low-key sales talk. 

If you’re unsure of whether or not you should hire a marketing promotions agency, here are some benefits of hiring one:

  • They help you learn about your customers

Marketing promotions organized by an agency are interactive, engaging, and fun that customers willingly give their information to your brand. In doing so, you’ll have a deeper understanding of your target market through strategic data acquisition.  

  • They help increase business sales

Sweepstakes help drive sales, which increases your revenue consequently. If you strategically use raffle tickets or entry requirements to improve purchases from your products, you can easily influence people to give you their money.

  • They help you gain referrals

Research says that every 10 percent increase in consumer referrals equals a 1.5 percent increase in company revenue. For this reason, sweepstakes are an excellent method to increase consumer word-of-mouth activities by inciting excitement and fun in your consumer’s hearts. Referral sweepstakes are your best bet for this type of promotion. 

  • They boost your ratings & reviews

Remember that 72 percent of buyers don’t make a buying decision unless they see a review. Consequently, proudly displaying your reviews for everyone to see will skyrocket conversion rates by a whopping 270 percent. 

Sweepstakes are the perfect opportunity to gather consumer reviews as well. Be generous with your giveaways, preferably equivalent to the richness and details of their feedback. In doing so, it would encourage viewers to put their best efforts to highlight your main selling points.


Sweepstakes hit multiple goals through one event. However, the effort and time you need to vent can be draining for a team composed of inexperienced individuals in sweepstake administration. Contest administration companies can help organize and manage your sweepstakes events while you continue your routine work tasks. 

If you are looking for sweepstakes administration services Boston, get in touch with us today to see how we can help! We’re happy to help.

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