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5 Blog Contests Users Can Venture into – Our Guide

Blog contests are an excellent approach to give away prizes to your much-valued readers or customers. Unfortunately, many online users tend to overlook these contests being offered by a lot of bloggers out there. What they fail to realize is how they can take advantage of these special giveaways that are truly worth receiving to their valued individuals. 

Creating a blog contest, on the other hand, allows you to create hype on your blog. Through a contest, you will be able to promote your blog and drive more traffic to your site even further. So, as you give away prizes, you will also earn more readers or followers – a win-win situation!

If you’re wondering what contests users can venture into, here are five blog contests you should know about:

1. Online-Sweepstakes.com

The Online-Sweepstakes.com (OLS) has a directory of blog contest that allows users to filter in various categories. Examples of these are one-entry sweepstakes or cash sweepstakes that users can participate in. Several other blog sweepstakes are listed on OLS at any given time, so the options are nearly unlimited. Users can even go as far as searching for available giveaways based on prize type, entry frequency, and age, among others.

2. Sweepstakes Advantage

Another platform to venture into is the Sweepstakes Advantage (SA), which is another large sweepstakes directory. Sweepstakes management allows users to check various options in the blog contest section where users can automatically go straight to the section and look for available giveaways. That way, they can decide on what blog contest to enter and take advantage of the possibility to win.

3. Contest Girl’s blog

Apart from the ones mentioned, the sweepstakes section includes the Contest Girl’s blog allowing girls to win exclusive prizes. Users can even have a “My Sweepstakes” list where they can add giveaways that they’re interested in. This list gives them the chance to track the sweepstakes they’ve entered and check those that they plan to revisit.

4. GiveawayJunkie

Contrary to those mentioned previously, GiveawayJunkie is specifically designed for blog contests. There are plenty of well-organized blog giveaways that users can view and think about joining in. One great feature of GiveawayJunkie is how it allows users to sort listings based on variables, such as the types of blog contests, sweepstakes with low entries, expiration dates, and locations.

5. Giveaway Promote

Giveaway Promote is a site specifically for bloggers as well. This site allows you to promote your contest blog by paying a certain amount of money to have your contest featured. Users can then visit the site and see various options, including your blog contest. They can then filter by prize type, entry method, and the number of people who have already entered, among others.


There’s no denying that there are many blog contests that exist online. As a blogger, you have the opportunity to engage with your users or readers by holding a specific blog contest. In doing so, users will be presented with many chances to win prizes, and this will make them find favor with your business even more.

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