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About CFA

We have been in the sweepstakes, games, and contest management business for over 30 years. We have managed over 1,500 contests and we’ve served over 500 businesses with 100% satisfaction. Though we are known as experts in our field, our real success is derived from our commitment to our clients. At CFA, we are the leaders in our industry when it comes to games, contests, and sweepstakes management. Businesses count on us to provide a contest management service that includes planning and administration, legal compliance, risk assessment, project oversight and guidance, and hosting and data collection. Not only do we provide these services for over 500 businesses in the United States, but we also provide legal and program support to international businesses as well.

Our company’s goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations by managing successful events that return the best results. At the same time, we strive to keep your costs low and stay in compliance with the law. Whether it’s managing your contests, instant win games, sweepstakes, or even skills contests, our company has a detailed approach to ensuring quality services at a more than affordable price.

Our firm includes the following contest management services for our clients:

  • Concept development, consulting, and troubleshooting
  • Social media Sweepstakes and Contests with technology support
  • Project oversight and guidance
  • Legal compliance, risk management, rules, and disclosure development
  • State registrations, surety bonds, and IRS filing
  • Prize structure planning
  • Winner selection, validation, affidavit management, and notification
  • Contest moderation and judging
  • Sweepstakes and Contest prize procurement and fulfillment
  • Sweepstakes and Contest reporting and analytics

We are an experienced company and we provide a wide variety of contest management services for our clients.

Our services are perfect for marketers and agencies that are in the industry of media, automotive, consumer goods, electronics, retail, and much more.  If you’re looking to engage with your customers, build enthusiasm for your business, and have people talking about your company on multiple platforms, then our CFA services will be perfect for your company.

What’s better than having a reputable company manage a successful contest, instant win game, or sweepstakes that has people buzzing about your business?

How about our LOW prices?

At CFA, we have packages starting at a low price of $1750. When it comes to contest management services, there’s not another company that can match our low prices with the same quality of work. We truly put our clients first when developing a project, and that includes the budget as well. Our projects are cost effective and are designed so that our clients are getting the best possible return on their investment.

Running a business is difficult, and so is managing contests and sweepstakes. Why add more stress to your business when you can receive our contest management services for a packaged price that perfectly fits your budget? We’ll manage and minimize the risk involved in your desired contest to make for a smooth and stress free project at an unbeatable price.

We hope you choose us the next time you need someone to manage your contest, sweepstakes, instant win, or other games of chance. We stand by our work and we guarantee a successful project for your business.

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