3 Reasons to Invest in Sweepstakes Administration Services – What to Know

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3 Reasons to Invest in Sweepstakes Administration Services – What to Know

If you’ve been trying your chances of winning millions in one fell swoop, then chances are that sweepstakes are a familiar option that comes up every once in a while. Aside from sports betting, poker, and slot machines, sweepstakes are another form of gambling that affords anyone—whether rich or poor—the opportunity to win a large sum of cash amidst tight odds. 

As opposed to other types of gambling and betting operations and games, however, sweepstakes are more technical than the rest because of all their rules and guidelines. From redemption periods to various categories of eligibilities, there’s no denying the fact that they are nothing short of complicated in their framework, especially when it comes to dealing with the mystery of “sweepstakes administrators.

What are sweepstakes administrators?

After carefully reading the rules of the contest a few times, you might come across a certain company that’s listed in the details as a “sweepstakes administrator”—an entity that’s often used for any company’s giveaway promo. They are essentially experts who specialize in managing any giveaway event or promotion that companies wish to host. Commonly known as “sweepstakes agencies,” they manage and put together every aspect of a giveaway, such as its mechanics, entrant data collection, winner selection, and prize distribution!

Not to be confused with sweepstakes sponsors, sweepstakes administrators do not provide the prices and are merely responsible for putting an event or promotion together while being paid by the host. For instance, a car company named Ridgeway decides to hold a raffle and enlists the services of CFA Promo to put it all together. In this case, CFA promo is the sweepstakes administrator, and Ridgeway is the sweepstakes sponsor. 

Why any sponsor should invest in the services of a sweepstakes administrator

Aside from handling everything that a sponsor needs to hold a promotion or giveaway, there are three other reasons hiring the services of an expert administrator is worth investing in: 

1. They help you design giveaways that work

The foremost benefit that you stand to gain from their services is that you’ll essentially have someone that can easily design a giveaway that works for your business and suits its needs. Utilizing their years of experience, a sweepstakes administrator can help you define the goals that you aim to achieve with your giveaway and roll out the necessary steps to achieve them! 

2. They help you avoid frauds

One of the biggest challenges that giveaways with unbelievably-large prizes have to deal with is the growing threat of internal forces tipping the odds in their favor or that of anyone that they know. With the help of a competent sweepstakes administrator that functions as a neutral party, you ensure that a completely and authentically random winner will take the grand prize and cut out the threat of suspicious entrants at all costs.

3. They handle the giveaways on your behalf

To the uninitiated, the task of putting together a giveaway and pulling it off can undoubtedly be one of the most difficult endeavors to experience. By bringing in the services of a sweepstake administrator, you’ll be able to save a whole lot of time, money, and effort by outsourcing the necessary processes to a reliable expert instead!


If you’ve been meaning to hold a giveaway to fulfill any type of cause, then the best approach is to outsource the services of a competent sweepstakes administrator handle everything for you!

Looking to pull off a giveaway but don’t have the necessary skills, knowledge, or capabilities to do so? We offer expert sweepstakes administration services in Boston. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help you!

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