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CFA’s top priority is to ensure your promotions are successful, get results, as well as being legally compliant and cost effective. With 20 years of experience in the field of Sweepstakes, Instant Win Games, and Skill Contests, we know how to manage your risk and make your sure your promotion is a hit.


CFA provides a full range of Management Services to marketers and their agencies in a variety of industries, including but not limited to consumer goods, electronics, retail, food, beverage, media, automotive, and even health care.

Packages Starting at $1750

We can guarantee that you won’t find anyone in the industry with prices as low as ours, and the team at CFA.

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Sweepstakes and Contest Promotions Boost Your Brand Awareness and Engagement

If you have come here to look into how to run your sweepstakes management, then you realize the incredible opportunity that sweepstakes and contest promotions offers your company. The ability to engage and interact with your customers this way is very important in today’s business landscape. Brands and companies are seeking to build relationships with their customers, and there is no better way than running a contest or sweepstakes. In fact, this is how we have built our business at CFA.

Rather than trying to run sweepstakes or contests on your own, CFA is a leading sweepstakes management company that is devoted to serving businesses and brands with top-notch games, contest and sweepstakes services. With over 20 years of pure hands-on sweepstakes management experience, we have successfully managed thousands of contests. Our satisfied clients have come to rely on us as leaders in the sweeps and contests industry and return to us time and again for their promotional campaigns.

CFA for your Sweepstakes Management

Due to our continued commitment to our clients, we inspire loyalty. Our clients count on us to provide the latest and most advanced services in sweepstakes administration. From planning to reporting, we provide all of the contest management services you need, every step of the way.

Our Quality Services

Sweepstakes management is a job that has a lot of moving parts. Initially the promotional campaign needs to be developed, from concept to prize giveaway. We provide expert consulting in developing your contest or sweepstakes concept. With our vast experience with many kinds of businesses, we know the best ways to attract your existing and potential customers. We help persuade them to participate in your contests and continue patronizing your brand, products or services. This is what we do. This is all we do.

In addition, while your campaign is running, we continue to oversee, consult and troubleshoot any issues. We provide technology support and an online portal to keep track of your campaigns and social media as well. We guide you every step of the way so you can focus on your business.

Minimizing Risk

One of the most cumbersome areas for contest management is legal compliance. In this area we take care of you by making sure you have all the right disclosures and rules in place. We handle all of the state to state registrations, surety bonds, and IRS filings. It is important to minimize any risk and make sure you are legally protected. Therefore, we make sure you are in full legal compliance within our sweepstakes administration.

Prize Planning and Procurement

Another area in which many companies need guidance is prize planning and procurement. We make sure your prizes are in compliance, and we make all the necessary arrangement to get the prizes in a timely manner in relation to your contest deadlines.

Moderation and Judging

CFA will take care of contest moderation and judging. Then once your contest is over, we also manage the winner selection, validation, affidavits, and we also notify the winners.

Contest Performance

As your contest management company, we also take reporting and analytics very seriously. We want you to know your numbers well and have a clear idea of how your sweepstakes or contest went so that you can evaluate its performance and identify potential areas of improvement for the next promotion.

Our Company Mission

At CFA, we aim to meet and exceed your company’s goals. We align our service fees and costs with your promotions so that we only benefit when you do. Our contest management system is geared towards getting the best return on your investment and achieving real results. We align these results with our fees to ensure your campaigns are profitable.

In addition, we believe in the power of sweepstakes and contests as a marketing tool. Your customers get energized by the opportunity to win big, and this in turn can create great visibility and exposure to your brand or products. We take this job of building your brand loyalty as a great responsibility and make sure every part of the process is done well and is in compliance. With CFA you are guaranteed a smooth contest experience.

Whether your sweepstakes promotions are used to build an email list, increase traffic to your social media pages, or get customers to an event, we aim to create the campaign in the most effective way for your goals and minimize any risk.

Contests vs Sweepstakes

Many people might not realize that contests and sweepstakes work a bit differently. With contests, participants do something to win the contest, in addition to entering. Sweepstakes are simply an entry and require no skills. With sweepstakes many states require you make sure entrants know they cannot do anything to increase their chances of winning, such as purchasing your products. Your customers need to know clearly that they will be picked at random and not on merit. But with contests you have more freedom to make rules or even require a purchase. Both these types of promotions require different legal restrictions or caveats and it is important to understand what they are from state to state, or region to region if international. If you are requiring an entrant to submit photos or videos, you might have to ensure they know they are releasing the use of their material.

At CFA, you can be sure we will provide all the necessary legal language and copyrighting you need to run your contest without risk. Your official rules must include all the proper details and state all rules and expectations as clearly as possible, including exactly what prizes are offered, as well as list the dates for entry, deadline and winner selection.

Also if you want to use your entrants’ information for future marketing campaigns, you must make it clear that you will be using their information. We won’t let you down when it comes to making all aspects of your contest or sweepstakes run smoothly.

How We Ensure Your Success

Through our strategic and detail-oriented process, we are committed to ensuring you get the most out of your sweepstakes or contest promotion. Once you give is the green light to begin your contest, we are on the clock, driving the process from planning and concept to legal drafting to the prize procurement and reporting. We don’t stop until all the moving parts are complete.

To us, contest management is a way of life…we live and breathe contest and sweepstakes promotion. Seeing our clients achieve and surpass their goals is our reward – but we don’t stop there! We continue to evaluate our process and make improvements to ensure you can achieve even more success in the future. This is how we are driven to excellence in sweepstakes administration.

Being on time and on budget is a given for us, as we know that’s an important promise to you as a client. But we try to go above and beyond that by focusing on your customers, the conversion and the experience as a whole. We want our clients to be comfortable working with us, so we offer a very personable and hands-on service. Once you start working with us, you see immediately that our concerns lie in your results and not in just driving the car. We know we can run contests, but we try to make them as successful as we can.

Part of Your Marketing Plan

Though some of our clients may be interested in boosting their customer engagement with a sweepstakes, many of our clients also make sweepstakes a part of their whole marketing plan. We work with marketing agencies and companies to fulfill this requirement and run the sweepstakes administration. We make sure the sweeps or contest campaign is in alignment with the rest of the marketing message and brand, and we take care of all the legal compliance and execution of the campaign. Consider CFA a partner in your marketing efforts as well as your sweepstakes administration company.

Partner in Social Media

At CFA, we are also experts in social media engagement as a part of your contest or sweepstakes promotional campaign. We serve as your tech and consulting partner in running your campaigns on your popular social media channels. Whether running a fast giveaway: “Be one of the first 50 people to like this post,” or a more traditional contest: “Post your video testimonial with our product to enter to win a free gift,” we can help you not only decide the best type of campaign for your marketing goal, but we can run it for you and perform the winner selection, notification and legal requirements.

We love social media for our promotions because we know that they achieve several things for our clients including increase in fans, increase in engagement with fans old and new, and bringing people to come to your page time and again to check for similar or repeat promotions. It is exciting to see our clients get such an immediate boost with their campaigns. We make sure you know your numbers and get the most out of it.

Next time you run your marketing promotion and you are considering a sweepstakes or contest as a part of the campaign, contact CFA and let us help you create powerful customer engagement and increase your business.

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