Contest Management

Contest Management

Managing your contest can be a hand full. It is also risky if you don’t have a lot of experience. Any detail left out can land you in a lawsuit that cost you money and sends your reputation spiraling down the drain.

Before you begin the process of planning your contest, you should fully understand what managing a competition entails. Some things to consider before are the laws specific to your state and if you’re familiar enough to manage your contest yourself successfully or if you should seek a contest management company.

If you do decide to hire a company to manage your skills contest, CFA Promo is the best one on the market. They provide service that goes above and beyond their client’s needs and offers the lowest prices.

What is a Skills Contest?

A skills contest is a marketing event that businesses use to promote their goods and services. Qualified judges must judge all winners of a skills contest, and they must select the winner for the talent they presented. There can be no random or chance drawings, or you risk turning your contest into sweepstakes. The skill is what distinguishes one from the other.

Things to Know Before

Before you begin planning your skills contest, there are some things you should keep in mind. Some laws and regulations are specific to individual states that you must follow. There are also generalized rules that apply to all fifty states. Contest management involves designing entry requirements, regulations, and advertisements. You must also choose judges that are qualified and experienced in the skill the entrants are presenting. For example, if it’s a piano playing contest, you don’t want judges that have never played the instrument. You must also validate and award prizes to the winners. All of that must follow regulations to prevent you from being sued for fraud.

How CFA Promo Can Help

If the considerations above seem like a lot of things to organize and tackle, that’s because they are. However, at CFA Promo, that’s what our experts do for a living. With a 100% customer satisfaction, we can guarantee that you won’t face any legal trouble while having peace of mind knowing that we are managing your contest correctly. We will design all aspects of your competition while providing full legal compliance. If you are planning a skills contest and you need help managing it, give CFA Promo a call to get started.


Contest are fun ways to promote your businesses name and entice customers to purchase our products and services. Consumers enjoy themselves while competing for incredible prizes and you get the satisfaction of contributing to their happiness and increasing your sales. However, skills contest management comes with a few things to consider such as the legal regulations that protect entrants from fraudulent companies. It can be easy to unintentionally forget a detail or law and wind up in a mess that could cost you all your hard work. Do not let that happen to you. Grant yourself the relaxation and give CFA Promo a call to discuss your contest management needs.

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