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Are you planning a marketing event that includes prizes? If so, CFA Promo wants to assist you in fulfilling all your rewards to your winners. We are a promotional company specializing in prize fulfillment and many other fantastic services that will have your business overflowing with popularity and profits. We have the power to make your contests, games, sweepstakes, and more a breeze instead of a headache. Don’t let the stress of running a company, managing a promotional event, and abiding by all the legal regulations add the extra burden to your life. Give us a call and rest assured that everything is being taken care of regarding your promotion.

What Is Prize Fulfillment?

Prize fulfillment is a part of every contest, game, or sweepstakes. It’s what happens after a winner is selected and you give them the prize. In addition to all other aspects of your promotion, this is one of the final steps. However, just like every step in the process, it is critical to review, understand, and follow the laws associated with prize fulfillment. These laws are crucial to how your marketing event will result. One small detail left out can result in a significant lawsuit.

Why Do I Need Help?

As mentioned in the previous section, your promotion can return results one of two ways. Increased popularity and profits or a lawsuit and ruined reputation. The laws that govern sweepstakes, games, contests, and other marketing tools and events are the cause. Despite how annoying they can be, they don’t exist to trip you up intentionally. They are put in place to protect consumers from fraudulent companies who try to cheat their entrants and players. If you don’t have much experience in planning and managing a promotional event, we suggest you seek legal counsel and a prize fulfillment company.

Guidelines Associated with Prizes

It should go without saying that the prizes winners receive must be exactly what the advertisements and rules describe. Any variation can be grounds for a lawsuit. For example, if you say that the grand prize winner receives a red 2017 Kia Rio LX, you can’t give them a black on instead. If you do, they can say that you lied and file a lawsuit against your business.

Why Choose CFA Promo?

When you decide to let CFA Promo manage your prize fulfillment, you won’t have to worry about any lawsuits. That’s because we are experts and have decades of experience in validating and awarding winners in competitions, games, sweepstakes, contests, and more. We have a 100% customer satisfaction rating and the lowest prices you’ll find. Contact us for you prize fulfillment needs.


Prize fulfillment is one of the last steps in the process of conducting a marketing event. Your prizes must match what you say they’re going to be in your official rules and advertisements. To make sure you won’t face any legal entanglement that could destroy your company’s reputation let CFA Promo handle your prize fulfillment needs.

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