Sweepstakes Agencies

Sweepstakes Agencies

If you’re planning sweepstakes, it might be wise to consider hiring a sweepstakes agency. These types of marketing events can be challenging to plan and manage. Especially with the numerous legal obstacles, you must hurdle. One forgotten element can cost you loads of money and the reputation of your company.

A sweepstakes agency can relieve the stress of administering the contest while also ensuring full legal protection. That can be a massive relief for business owners and operators like yourself. You get peace of mind knowing that your sweepstakes are being planned, managed, and administered correctly thus avoiding any legal complications that may arise from doing it on your own.

If you’re searching for a qualified and experienced agency to take over your sweepstakes, then look no further than CFA Promo. We have 20+ years of experience and dedicate our time to the prosperity of your business. Our 100% customer satisfaction rating speaks for itself. Contact us to talk about the ideas you have for your sweepstakes.

What Is A Sweepstakes

A sweepstake is promotional tool businesses use to promote their products and services and gain popularity. It’s a fun way to engage consumers in introducing new goods. Sweepstakes are regulated by the government to protect customers from companies trying to commit fraud and cheat contestants. Entrance into sweepstakes should be free, and you must choose winners at random. That is what defines and distinguishes it from contests and other promotional events.

What Does A Sweepstakes Agency Do?

When you decide to allow an agency to manage and administer your sweepstakes, you are doing yourself a favor. If you don’t have much experience in hosting a contest, you could easily let a vital regulation slip through the cracks unintentionally. The agency will ensure that this doesn’t happen along with designing the rules, advertisements, winner selection and validation, and much more. Once you’ve decided to hire a sweepstakes agency, the next step is finding one that’s reliable.

Why You Should Choose Us

You don’t want to put the fate of your business in an untrustworthy agencies hands. CFA Promo has decades of experience, and we are experts at sweepstakes. We have successfully promoted over 1500 skills contests, sweepstakes, games, and other promotional marketing events. We offer several services that include legal counsel for competitively low prices.  We strive to provide you will results that exceed your expectations. When you prosper, so do we. Still skeptical? Look at the results of our past events and contact us to begin planning your sweepstakes.


If you’re planning sweepstakes, an incredibly helpful resource can be hiring a sweepstakes agency to prepare and administer the promotional event. You can put your mind at ease knowing that we’re developing and advertising everything correctly, so you won’t get into any trouble that could cost you in the long run. Contact CFA Promo for planning and administering your sweepstakes. We look forward to providing another happy customer with incredible results.

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