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How to Choose a Great Sweepstake Management Company

When a company claims they offer sweepstake management, you should expect a complete A-Z service that offers customers total online, including mobile, control of their sweepstakes. A sweepstakes management company should offer sweepstakes concept development, consulting, social media sweepstakes and contests with technology support, legal compliance, risk management, state registrations and surety bonds, prize structure planning, winner selection, validation, affidavit management, contest moderation and judging, prize fulfillment and reporting and analytics!

A state of the art online application

The online app which is used to manage a contest, should be programmed well and with integrity. There should be no glitches and the hosting should be powerful and redundant with nice user interface design. There should be a good support service for the application to allow customers immediate help should they have confusion on any component of the application or if there’s a potential bug.

The very best sweepstakes companies generally have been around longer than 5-10 years, to show their longevity and endurance in a competitive market.

100% Uptime

It is too important that the system used to manage the sweepstakes is working and live 100% of the time with technical backup, therefore it is important to check that the sweepstake management company is guaranteeing this to their customers.

Legal documents

Any sweepstake management company worth their salt will take care of the legal issues and documents, such as the official rules, winner legal documents, state filings, any required tax documents, and prize fulfillment. In additional sweepstakes management company should be properly insured.

Coverage Area

It is important that your sweepstake management is familiar with your area, and the best companies will cover all over the United States and even internationally in some cases. Often these companies will contract with large advertising agencies, marketing agencies and digital agencies that have multiple locations worldwide and many clients.

Excellent Customer Service

Service is of high importance in sweepstake management. A sweepstake management company will not stick around long if it does not fanatically support and take care of its customers. Most marketers understand the high value in sweepstakes and contests to interact and engage their customers, both current and potential. A well-conceived contest can win a company a great amount of new customers and return customers.  A great sweepstake management company can consult with experience on the best types of contests to hold to engage customers in all types of businesses.

Choose sweepstake management over doing it yourself

Your energy is best spent on your actual business rather than running marketing campaigns. The purpose of hiring a sweepstake management company is to avoid any rookie mistakes you can make trying to manage a contest yourself, including not following proper legal procedures to protect yourself. This includes a marketing agency, because most marketing agencies do not necessarily specialize in contests. A sweepstake manager reduces risk and provides the right guidance to get you the best return on your investment.

The right prize-incentive can achieve a great variety of marketing goals for a company, and sweepstake management is the way to go to ensure you go about it the right way the first time without making costly mistakes.

To learn more, please go to for a comprehensive list of services offered by a sweeps company and how they can help you achieve your business goals.

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