How to Capture the Modern Consumer with Engaging Mobile Marketing Techniques

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How to Capture the Modern Consumer with Engaging Mobile Marketing Techniques

CFA Promo has the solutions you need to make your consumer feel valued through mobile marketing promotions that create excitement and brand loyalty.

There was a time when consumers relied solely on brick and mortar stores for all of their shopping needs. That is where marketing was once king; as retailers had nearly all of the control over what sold and in what quantity. Consumers were driven by television commercials, weekly store ads, Sunday coupons and mailers.

Times have changed tremendously.

Although 50% of shoppers make their first product purchase in stores, their second purchase is usually made elsewhere, with 47% turning to marketplaces like Amazon. And with the average consumer making that repurchase in 16 days, it’s important to capture that consumer, engage them and ensure that you get those dollars and brand loyalty.

After all, with Amazon having over 3 billion products and 87% of shoppers beginning their search for a product online, it’s more crucial than ever to connect with your consumer and keep them from moving to another brand.

Having a strong online presence is key to driving consumers to your products. Consumers love to connect with brands via social media, interacting with advertising and promotions. They want to feel as if they are important to your brand and are looking for ways to connect inside and outside of the retail landscape.

Therefore, once your consumer has your product in their hands, what will you do to continue that engagement, make them feel valued and keep them coming back for more?

The largest retail study conducted globally, by Salesforce, concluded the following:

“Marketers and commerce leaders must prioritize new re-engagement strategies, including speedy retargeting, personalized loyalty offers, and perfectly timed upsell opportunities.”

This is why a majority of retailers and brands have loyalty programs, rich, interactive web experiences and personalized incentives to guide consumers into upsell opportunities and therefore keeping that brand loyalty.

And the best way to do so all of those things in today’s digital world is to capture your consumers by using the avenue they rely on the most: Their mobile devices.

Mobile Shopping Statistics and Strategy

Mobile use is now the top driver in both traffic and sales with 60% of all ecommerce traffic being via mobile device and 71% of consumers use their mobile device in stores. Therefore, utilizing product packaging is the first step in starting a relationship in store while continuing your brand-consumer relationship outside of the store. Some examples of engaging product packaging are:

  • Using QR codes on product packaging and displays to give the shopper information about your product, point out and encourage up-sales or lead them to fun content and promotions.
  • Sweepstakes and promotions codes on packaging leads those consumers to your web site, allowing you to collect those all-important consumer contact details (more about that below)
  • Text to win and mobile loyalty sign-ups offer the consumer access to exclusive deals, coupons and other promotions.

Those opportunities for giving customers a mobile experience not only influence their buying habits but are a way to build customer retention. The link between packaging, the mobile experience and the consumer is the mobile phone number…. the consumer’s unique fingerprint and your way to connect and provide them with the personalized experiences and brand perks that they seek.

Getting Those Digits and Other Important Information

Today’s consumers may be digitally driven; however, they are tech-savvy and extremely protective over their personal information. That is why building that personalized relationship between the consumer and the brand is so important. Once your consumer feels that they are valued, they are more willing to share their information.

Therefore, you must create a mutually beneficial reason for them to share their personal data with you.

The mobile number is your link to giving your consumer special perks, deals and promotions through SMS. Once they’ve signed up, you can share simple texts or links to exciting mobile content, videos, and even exclusive promotions and sweepstakes. Additionally, providing your consumer with a custom SMS shortcode as a means of sweepstakes entry, or to obtain additional entries further boosts that consumer-brand relationship.

Most importantly, obtaining your consumer’s other personal information is crucial in helping you create targeted advertising and promotions. By having them sign up for loyalty programs, newsletters, SMS push notifications and sweepstakes promotions, you are able to gather their full names, addresses, date of birth and in some cases, valuable information on gender, marital status, children they have and more.

It all relies on the trust you build with the consumer by giving them the experiences that keep them engaged and coming back for more.

CFA Promo Helps You Build That Consumer-Brand Relationship

From Salesforce:

“88% of retail and consumer goods marketers say personalization has improved their overall marketing program.”

And CFA Promo offers you many different shopper marketing solutions that you need to build that personalized relationship between the consumer and your brand.

With more than 25 years of experience in promotions and sweepstakes administration, CFA Promo can provide you with options that will help you engage with your consumers past the checkout lanes, drive new traffic to your website and assist you in collecting that personal consumer data.

We help you give your consumers a rich mobile experience with on-package promotions, SMS and text-to-enter sweepstakes as well as exciting instant-win mobile games. Today’s consumers are looking for those products that invest in them and what better way to do so than by offering sweepstakes, with fantastic prizes, right on their mobile device?

Our innovative sweepstakes and instant-win platforms enable you to launch a promotion within days, rather than weeks. We handle everything for you, from the back-end to winner engagement and prize fulfillment. And, we have custom packages to fit nearly any budget so there is no reason not to start that shopper marketing and engagement as soon as possible.

Connect with us today and see what we can do to assist you in taking your business to the next level.

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