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Every Business Makes Mistakes

What Matters is How Your Handle it NASA once made a mistake when a project’s measurements were done in standard, rather than metrics. The total cost of that blunder was $250 million. In 1999, a little start-up business called Google was offered to (then) number 2 search engine, Excite, for $750,000. Excite declined, as they [...]

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The Evolution of Sweepstakes Promotions

How CFA Promo has grown, changed and evolved with the ever-changing landscape? Sweepstakes and contests have been around since the 15th century, but it was the early days of small businesses promoting their wares that began the trend of using giveaways to bring attention to that business and bring customers through the doors. Though we [...]

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Join Elsa and Olaf for a Private “Frozen II” Screening

Cohen Friedberg Assoc. LLC and Party City give families the chance at a once in a lifetime private screening of Disney’s “Frozen II” Cohen Friedberg Assoc. LLC and Party City give families the chance at a once in a lifetime private screening of Disney’s “Frozen II” Parents across the globe have committed to [...]

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CFA New Point of Sale 3-D Displays

CFA and Stackawraps a London Based innovation Company have created a new, innovative proprietary process for creating a stunning 3-D point of sale displays, using corrugated card stock, that is sustainable and affordable. Though cardboard is a better and more sustainable choice when it comes to point of sales displays, the corrugated industry [...]

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What is a Sweepstakes Marketing and Management Company?

A sweepstakes marketing and management company is a business to business firm that assists a company in holding a marketing promotion in the form of a sweepstakes, contest or game with the purpose of achieving certain marketing goals. These goals can be anything from increasing brand recognition and sales to obtaining consumer analytics and other [...]

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Duck Brand Annual Stuck at Prom Contest

CFA Promo is proud to have partnered with Duck Brand for this dazzling, annual contest event for the fourth year in a row!   Congratulations to all of the Winners of the 2019 Duck Brand Stuck at Prom Contest! Since 2012, high school students from across the country have vied for scholarship money by crafting [...]

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Big League Chew and Little League Prizes

Ford Gum has partnered with CFA Promo to bring consumers of all ages Big League Chew and Little League prizes.   Take Me Out to the Ball Game! Nothing says summer like a day at the ball park, especially when you’re watching the Little League players give it their all! And Ford Gum and CFA [...]

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Crave Victoriously with Blue Diamond

CFA Promo and Fuel Partnerships are excited to introduce this national CPG Instant win game and sweepstakes from Blue Diamond.   There is “nutthin’” more satisfying than creating a sweepstakes promotion that draws consumers in and gets them excited about a company’s products. We worked with Fuel Partnerships to bring the public The Blue Diamond [...]

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A D.R.E.A.M. Come True for Kids Everywhere

Party City partners with CFA Promo for a D.R.E.A.M. come true sweepstakes for kids everywhere.   Sparkles, Bows and JoJo   If you have a child or pre-teen in your household, you’ve likely heard the name JoJo Siwa, amid squeals of delight and the need for sparkles and great big bows. CFA Promo is excited [...]

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How a Text to Vote Campaign Can Create Buzz for Your Business

Whether you operate a large-scale company or are a small business owner, customer engagement is a key tool for achieving your business goals. Engaged customers will feel more valued, which will improve their loyalty and likelihood to continue to frequent your business or use your service.  Today's consumers have more options than ever across every [...]

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