What is a Sweepstakes Marketing and Management Company?

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What is a Sweepstakes Marketing and Management Company?

A sweepstakes marketing and management company is a business to business firm that assists a company in holding a marketing promotion in the form of a sweepstakes, contest or game with the purpose of achieving certain marketing goals. These goals can be anything from increasing brand recognition and sales to obtaining consumer analytics and other pertinent information.

CFA Promo has created and overseen more than 1,500 promotions for more than 500 businesses; marketing and managing a diverse and exciting array of sweepstakes, contests, and games. In addition, we help businesses decide which type of promotion is the best choice for their needs and goals.


A sweepstake is defined as a promotion that is more of a “game of chance.” Participants simply fill out an entry form with their name, mailing address, email address, and other contact information and submit that entry form into the pot of collective entries. From those entries, a winner, or winners, is drawn at random and awarded a prize.

Though sweepstakes promotions are in essence “the luck of the draw”, they can require the participant to answer questions, predict a sports score or even include a code found on a product or given during a television program. A winner is then chosen from all correct entries. 

Whether simple or requiring participant answers, sweepstakes collect hundreds of thousands of entries and are a fantastic way for a business to collect invaluable existing and new consumer-based information, reward consumers and build a larger, broader customer base.


Contrary to popular belief, a contest is completely different from a sweepstake in that it requires some sort of user-generated content. This content can range from the submission of an essay or photograph to a video or other user-created entry chosen by the business which is holding the promotion. A great example of a contest would be the wildly popular and fun Duck Brand Stuck at Prom Contest in which entrants create prom dresses and tuxedos from Duck brand duct tape.

Rather than a random draw, contest winners are judged from criteria set forth by the company holding the contest. The entries are narrowed down and then chosen from their overall scores, voted on by the general public or sometimes, through a random draw.

Contests involve consumers in a more intimate way and provide businesses with important analytics while drawing in new consumers and creating an enormous buzz surrounding their brand.


Today’s consumer is on-the-go and loves the fun and engagement that can only be achieved through a game promotion. Games can include spin-to-win, flip-to-win card matching games, text-to-win promotions and more. The most exciting aspect of a game promotion is the coveted instant-win prize.

With predetermined winning days and times set up before the launch of the promotion, consumers are given instant gratification when they see a “CONGRATULATIONS!” message across their phone or computer screen. The idea of hitting that winning time is extremely attractive to consumers and keeps them coming back day after day in hopes of winning a prize.

To add to the fun of game promotion, businesses can choose to include a huge prize, awarded at the end of the promotion and up for grabs to anyone that plays the game. Game promotions yield the most return entries and oftentimes bring in the highest number of unique players, dramatically increasing a business’ consumer base and providing crucial consumer analytics.

How Do Sweepstakes, Contests, and Games Benefit Your Business?

By aligning with your goals, CFA Promo sweepstakes marketing and management company can help you select the best avenue and add-ons for ensuring your marketing goals are met.

Our sweepstakes, contests, and games utilize rewards and incentives to strategically gather data and market research information by creating a foundation for collecting rich insights about your clients. For example, purchase-to-win sweepstakes can be modeled to drive sales by consumers using their purchases as entries via point-of-sale, loyalty cards, or receipt validation methods. In addition, these types of promotions can create word-of-mouth referrals by encouraging consumers to recruit their peers in order to gain additional entries.

Another way sweepstakes, contests, and game promotions benefit your business is by boosting ratings and reviews. A staggering 72% of consumers will not take action until they read reviews on products and services. Thus displaying these reviews can increase your conversion rates in upwards of 270%. By offering an incentive or reward in exchange for your company or product reviews, you will build authentic feedback for your brand.

Simply put, sweepstakes can be am an easy and effective way to boost key metrics of a larger campaign while providing incentives for consumers to take action.

Which Promotion Choice is Right for Your Business?

Sweepstakes, contests or games; which type of promotion is right for your business? CFA Promotions is here to help you decide which type of marketing promotion is right for your company. Whether you choose a sweepstake, a contest or a game-based promotion, we ask the pertinent questions to assist you in meeting those all-important goals:

  • Expanding your client base
  • Driving traffic to your website
  • Boosting your brand awareness
  • Renewing and/or rewarding your existing consumer base
  • Generating your consumer’s information and analytics
  • Encouraging sales
  • All of the above

CFA Promo will customize and personalize a promotion that provides an interactive and fun outlet to gather data and insightful actions from your consumer base while representing your company in a unique and exciting way.

Location, Location, Location

Just as the location of a brick and mortar business is important, where you hold your sweepstakes promotion is equally as important. If you have concerns in regard to the size of your company’s website or bandwidth, don’t allow that to hinder your decision to have a huge promotion. We can help businesses of all sizes.

CFA Promo offers you a variety of choices in regard to where your promotion is generated. We can tailor your promotion to launch from your website or social media page to a dedicated, customized page, housed on our server coupled with your own, unique URL. You can choose to have your consumers access that page from one web page or all of your web pages. Another option is a pop-up entry form that greets each visitor to your business’ page.

We build your promotional sweepstakes, contest or game from the ground up, designing your landing page to your specifications and supporting the entire promotion on our servers. So, whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a small-town business, we have the right promotion to fit your specific needs.

CFA Promo’s Exclusive “Ready, Set, Promo!” Platform

Planning a sweepstake, contest or game promotion can take months to even years to complete. And in planning your company promotion, anticipation and excitement build and you cannot wait to get that sweepstake or contest up and running. Therefore, when you are ready to implement that promotion, CFA Promo has an exclusive platform that can get your promotion up and running in as little as a few weeks.

Our exclusive “Ready, Set, Promo!” platform takes the complicated and timely guesswork out of building a sweepstake, contest or game promotion by providing you with a simple, blank template that is customized with your brand logo, colors, photos and more. From custom sweepstakes and contest page templates to spin-to-win or scratch-off game templates, we will take your promotion from concept to launch day in record time.

As a result, you’ll have your customer base engaged and excited about your brand quickly and you’ll receive those all-important analytics, increased sales and new and returning consumer traffic. And although our “Ready, Set, Promo!” program is an easy and fast way to roll out your promotion, CFA Promo still handles all of the complicated details associated with hosting a sweepstake, contest or game promotion.

Important Behind-The-Scenes Details You Can’t Overlook

You may be considering running a sweepstake or contest on your own and while that may seem to be an easy and cost-effective task to complete, nothing could be further from the truth. 

Sweepstakes, contests, and games must comply with both federal and local laws to avoid fraud, abuse, or deception. In addition, each social media network has unique terms of use agreements. At CFA Promo, our dedicated project managers handle these fine details to ensure everything is up-to-par and legal, saving you potential legal ramifications and headaches down the road.

We will help you navigate the pool of sweepstakes and contest laws to ensure you can deliver the best experience to your consumers from your brand. Running a giveaway should be seamless and exciting, not complicated and concerning.

CFA Promo will handle all legal compliance in order to mitigate any headaches before the promotion rolls out and to prevent legal conflicts after the promotion is live. In addition, we are always up-to-date with the ever-changing FTC guidelines which will assist you in creating your official sweepstakes, contest or game rules.

Additionally, if you’d like your sweepstakes, contest or game to involve minors under the age of 18 and young children (a popular way to promote your family-based business), we at CFA Promo will provide you with the best COPPA compliance guidance as well as the parental consent that is required for minor participation.

CFA Promotions Handles All of the Details, Ensuring Your Success

CFA Promo is a full-service sweepstake marketing and management company that is best suited for your high-traffic marketing needs. We support your marketing goals throughout the length of the sweepstakes, from concept development to prize fulfillment while handing every major and minor detail for you.

We offer you:

  • Personalized concept development, consulting, and troubleshooting
  • Social media sweepstakes, games and contests with technology support
  • Project oversight and guidance
  • Legal compliance, risk management, rules, and disclosure development
  • State registrations, surety bonds, and IRS filing
  • Prize structure planning
  • Winner selection, entry validation, affidavit management, and winner notification
  • Contest moderation and judging
  • Sweepstakes, game and contest prize procurement and fulfillment
  • Sweepstakes, game and contest reporting and analytics
  • COPPA Compliance guidance, parental consent, and minor participation

By handling every single detail of your customized promotion, we provide you with the most valuable commodity in owning a business: your time. You can continue to focus your energies on the day-to-day tasks of running your business, while we administer a successful promotion on your behalf.

Your Successful Promotion is Our Business

CFA Promo is an experienced company with a flawless track record. We provide all of the aforementioned contest management services for our clients with the added personal touch every business deserves.

Our services are perfect for marketers and agencies that are in the industry of media, automotive, consumer goods, electronics, retail, and much more.  If you’re looking to engage with your customers, build enthusiasm for your business, and have people buzzing about your company on multiple platforms, then our CFA services will be perfect for your company.

What’s better than having a reputable company manage a successful contest, instant win game, or sweepstakes that has people talking about your business? Getting all of these services at a price that cannot be beat!

Your Budget Matters

At CFA, we have packages starting at a low price of $1750. When it comes to contest management services, there’s not another company that can match our low prices with the same quality of work. We truly put our clients first when developing a project, and that includes the budget as well. Our projects are cost-effective and are designed so that our clients are getting the best possible return on their investment.

Running a business is difficult, and so is managing contests and sweepstakes. Why add more stress to your business when you can receive our contest management services for a packaged price that perfectly fits your budget? We’ll manage and minimize the risk involved in your desired contest to make for a smooth and stress-free project at an unbeatable price.

We hope you choose us the next time you need someone to manage your contest, sweepstakes, instant win, or other games of chance. We stand by our work and we guarantee a successful project for your business.

Contact us today!

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