Clients engage CFA for fun, exciting ideas. Sometimes, the promotions they have in mind to build and execute aren’t legally compliant, with many nuances and stipulations to consider. That’s where CFA’s CEO, Mark Cohen comes in. Mark with over 30+ years handling rules,works with clients to make sure promotions are compliant and executable from every angle. The most satisfying part of his job is when we can mold ideas into legally-sound programs that are still fun and fulfilling for the client.

Having direct client contact allows Mark to interact with many major brands every day. On a typical day for Mark, he’ll have a few client calls to walk through new promotions or sort out any remaining questions, draft rules for sweepstakes and contests, work with our Winner Experience team to make sure that winners are being selected and awarded, and communicate all of the day’s updates back to our clients. This job truly provides the full-circle experience–we’re with our clients from the beginning stages of their programs all the way to the minute when a lucky winner is working with our travel agent to plan the trip of a lifetime.

CFA is a very collaborative environment. We can’t do everything we do for so many clients and winners without excellent teamwork. Everyone wants to see others do well, and everyone works hard to achieve objectives that don’t always seem possible from the start. When we all have the same goals in mind – client satisfaction and amazing winner experiences – and we’re all working towards the same goals, we are a true team. In 2017, we worked on over 450+ sweepstakes and promotions.