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What To Do With Sweepstakes Fulfillment

It is the end of your sweepstakes campaign and now you have to determine and notify the winners and do your sweepstakes fulfillment. When you are at this point in your sweepstakes, you will have a process that you will need to follow in order to secure and deliver the prizes.

Why you should work with a sweepstakes company to take care of your sweepstakes fulfillment

Whether you have offered a cruise, an Apple iPad or dream home, you will need to secure that prize and make sure it gets to the winner. It will require in some cases purchasing, shipping and handling, or an agreement with the company that makes the prize. There can be many considerations which is why it is an excellent idea to work with a sweepstakes company to cover all this for you. They will typically handle all your prize procurement and fulfillment needs.

They also can do winner selection, verification and notification, and take care of the winner affidavits. They can send out the tax documents that are required in January. They can cover the coordination of any travel, as well as the acquisition of merchandise.

This is truly the best way to deal with sweepstakes fulfillment. When working with a sweepstakes company, they really make sure that you are covered in all aspects of your campaign. This way you don’t have to worry about all the details of running the campaign, including all the legal and regulatory requirements. They can handle all of that.

Working with a sweepstakes company can save you money, time and grief

Often a sweepstakes company will provide you with an online application to keep track of your contest or sweepstakes. They can make sure you get the most out of the contest. This means making sure it promotes your business well, and gets you the best return on your investment you can get. A sweepstakes company focuses on helping you engage with your customers and win them over with your offers.

Some businesses and companies like to run regular contests or sweepstakes because it is one of the best ways to win new customers. However, running such campaigns are not as simple as they seem. Sadly, some businesses do not run contests or sweepstakes correctly and therefore, get sued or lose money in the process. Do not let this be you. You can easily avoid that by hiring a sweepstakes company and making sure all the details are taken care of.

The legal requirements of sweepstakes fulfillment

In the United States, laws differ by state as far as requirements about disclosures, licenses and bonds. Some states require posting a bond. Therefore, it is important to check these requirements with each state. Again, this is a very tedious and involved task that a sweepstakes company automatically takes care of for you.

Get your prize fulfillment done right

Why would you want to lose your reputation or credibility by sending the wrong prize to the wrong person, sending it too late or not at all? Getting the prize to your winner or winners is equally as important as the campaign setup and you want to get it done right to ensure all goes smoothly. But you would be surprised how many companies do this and completely undermine their campaign goal, costing them precious business, money and time. However, it does not happen because they are fraudulent but rather because since many businesses are not in the business of running promotional contests, they can easily miss deadlines or simply not know the correct procedures.

A sweepstakes company will help you make sure the sweepstakes fulfillment part of your campaign goes as smoothly as possible.

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