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M&M’s Caramel

In May of 2017, M&M’s brought a nostalgic, comforting taste to the market of their sensational chocolate candy. They introduced M&M’s filled with caramel and surrounded by that classic chocolaty shell in those bright colors that we’ve all grown to love.

Over the past 75 years, M&M’s has grown famous for making treats like peanuts and pretzels fun and tasty. The introduction of this new treat is just another innovative move for the company. M&M’S has given the traditional caramels a makeover by unsquaring the favorite candies. We will never look at caramel candy the same again.

Caramel’s Campaign

The week of May 11th, 2017, M&M’S Brand launched a new campaign to support its innovated caramel craze that hit the market. The television commercial featured a walking, talking, personified square of caramel voiced by actor David Cross. Despite the Caramel’s traditional personality and social awkwardness, the colorful cast of the already beloved M&M’s spokescandies tries to get him to break out of his shell and be more like them. The campaign also revolutionized the world with print, digital, and substantial outdoor advertising displays.

Unsquaring Times Square

New York City, NY turned their famous Times Square, “unsquare.” The iconic billboards transformed into an incredible, enlarged reality gaming arcade. Similar to the traditional caramel flavor, the M&M’s arcade exemplifies a nostalgic feeling by bringing back memories of an old-school arcade. Fans played by turning their phones into a vintage arcade game. All fans had to do was download the free app Blippar and scan one of the featured billboards in Times Square to slip into an “unsquare” digital world.

Join the Fun Anywhere

The fun isn’t restricted only to Times Square. Fans all over the country can join the fun by downloading the Blippar app and scanning a package of M&M’s Caramel. Unlock the arcade experience wherever and whenever you are. The app is available for both Android and iOS phones. Step back in time to a vintage digital world with M&M’s.

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M&M’s never fails to astound their fans and consumers with over-the-top campaigns. Their promotions entice customers to purchase their products and do so in fun, innovative ways. They completely changed the way the world looked at the traditional caramel candy through their unsquare design and a vintage digital world of arcade games that revolutionized the nation. Never short of astonishing, M&M’s knows how to promote their business and keep us craving more of that colorful chocolaty taste.

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