Individual Cases for Skills Contests and Sweepstakes

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Individual Cases for Skills Contests and Sweepstakes

Skills contests and sweepstakes are effective ways to engage with your customers and promote your goods and services. These promotional marketing tools will increase popularity and enthusiasm and have consumers returning to your company in the future.

Specific laws go hand in hand with skills contests and sweepstakes. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in costly legal repercussions. Each state has different rules regarding promotional competitions and how you should conduct them. If your company plans and manages contests and sweepstakes often, it’s critical that you remain updated on these regulations, so you don’t have to unintentionally pay the price.

In addition to the laws and regulations in place that govern how you conduct your skills contests and sweepstakes, there are special circumstances that require even more compliance steps to ensure legality.

  • Entry Outside the U.S.: You should engage in legal counsel when you open your promotion to consumers outside the United States.
  • Mail Promotions: Any advertisements sent directly by mail.
  • Special Entry Requirements: Entry into the promotion requires surveys, questionnaires, and multiple visits to the same site.
  • User-Generated Content Promotions: When you ask entrants to complete videos, songs, or other creative performances and the sponsor or other third-party organization uses their works in any other way besides deciding a winner.
  • Promotions Canvassing Posts to a Third-Party Website: When participants post content on a third-party website such as Facebook or Twitter.
  • Public Votes: When you involve the public in determining a winner.
  • Mobile Promotions: The promotion has elements that involve text messaging.
  • Children/Minors: when you aim the promotion towards a young audience and allow participation from minors in any way.
  • Send-to-a-Friend: When you allow consumers to pass along promotion materials to others.  
  • Charity: When you involve charities of any kind, or your promotion donates any portion of the prize to a charitable purpose.
  • Promotions in Certain Industries: The promotion involves or tailors towards a major industry such as dairy or tobacco.


Sweepstakes and skills contests are excellent ways to engage with your customers and promote what your company has to offer. However, with all the laws in place and special requirements for different circumstances, you can feel a bit intimidated by considering how to organize it legally. If this information makes your head hurt, contact CFA Promotions for all your contest management services. We offer low prices for superb quality work. Skills contests and sweepstakes are our specialties, allow us to do the hard work for you. We ensure your customers will be talking about your company long after your promotional event comes to an end.

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