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How sweepstakes experts can help your company grow

One of the types of promotions you can do to help your company grow is to run a sweepstakes or contest, and sweepstakes experts are there to help you maximize this growth. These days, sweepstakes management companies are the way to go to get the best ROI for your campaigns.

Promotions that are win win

A sweepstakes is the kind of promotion for a company that is a win win. That means inevitably you will see growth in the way of new customers as well as new interest in your products and services. The results of a successful sweepstakes can be far reaching. You may find your social channels buzzing with activity after running a sweeps or contest. You will see increased traffic to your website. You will definitely see increased sales. Even with a low conversion a sweepstakes is likely to win you much more customer engagement.

However, low conversion is not the likely result of a successful sweepstakes campaign if you hire sweepstakes experts to run your sweepstakes for you!

What a sweepstakes is and how it helps you

Sweepstakes are promotions in which the winners are selected randomly, rather than by skill which is a contest. The nice thing about sweepstakes is the entrant feels their entry is not based on bias or skill, so they have as good a chance to win as the next guy.

Sweepstakes do an awesome job of getting you more traffic to your website and social channels. They can help you increase your email list. They increase customer engagement and loyalty. They boost brand awareness and increase buzz on your products and services. As old as sweepstakes are, running them online on social networks and on your website are still fantastic ways to promote your business and help it grow by leaps and bounds.

Why sweepstakes experts help

The time it takes to plan and execute a sweepstakes campaign is often great and the research and effort that goes into determining all the legal regulations and prize procurement possibilities is exhaustive. Fortunately sweepstakes experts do all this in their sleep. They work tirelessly to help companies like yours every day and they know what they are doing, so the benefits to you are:

  • They can determine all the channels that you will run your sweepstakes
  • They can help you determine the best offer
  • They can help design the campaign
  • They can help with the copy for your campaign
  • They can collect entries for you
  • They can select the winner(s)
  • They can notify the winners and send affidavits if necessary
  • They can ship the prizes
  • They can file the IRS forms needed for tax purposes
  • They can run analytics and reporting for your campaign

The most important reason to hire a sweepstakes expert for your sweepstakes campaigns

It’s truly a toss up, but we believe there are actually two crucial reasons to hire a sweepstakes expert to handle your contests or sweepstakes.

The first is to take care of the legal requirements. Because this task is tedious there is a chance you could miss something and be liable. So they help diminish risk.

And the second reason is that the analytics and reporting part at the end of your campaign is so important to separate you from your competition. These metrics afford you incredible insight into how to improve your advertisement and promotions.

A couple more footnotes

Because a lot of promotions these days are commonly run on social networks, it is important to make sure you comply with the rules on those networks. Facebook and others have specific disclaimers that need to be a part of the contest rules. Also the state by state regulations can differ, so a sweepstakes company can help you because these rules can also change from time to time.

Hiring a sweepstakes expert is key to helping you wade through the increasing complexity of legalities in running sweepstakes as well as help you maximize your return on your investment for your campaign. It is practically a no brainer to hire a company that specializes in sweepstakes management because they offer you such a good experience from beginning to end that makes it worth your budget and time and allows you to have the freedom to run your business without worry and watch the customers roll in!


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