Hiring a sweepstakes company to boost your customer engagement

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Hiring a sweepstakes company to boost your customer engagement

If you are running a sweepstakes, contest or giveaway for the first time, you are considering how to go about it. You may be thinking of hiring a marketing agency, digital agency or sweepstakes company.

Part of your job will be to determine who can help you the best way to run a successful campaign. First you will want to gather all your promotion information, such as your budget, target customer, goals, and the timeframe that you want to accomplish those goals.

You will want to do some research to figure out how the whole process of running a contest or sweeps works. We believe it is best to hire a sweepstakes company to truly get the best bang out of your campaign and here are the reasons why.

Your plan of attack

The foremost reason why hiring a sweepstakes company just makes the most sense, is that you will want to formulate a great plan for your campaign. A sweepstakes company is going to have the most experience, expertise and deep understanding of the particulars of running successful campaigns that truly maximize customer engagement. If this is what you want, that is!  

Sometimes you will have some vague or general ideas, but a sweepstakes company can consult you to truly understand the specifics of a plan and to utilize your options in the best way possible, such as where to host your contest. They can help you brainstorm all your potential options and give you an idea of similar promotions they have done for similar companies.

Keeping it all together

The task of running a sweepstakes or contest is no small task! There are many aspects to running a contest from determining the rules to voting to prize procurement. There are also a bunch of legal documents and considerations that you will need to produce.

A sweepstakes company worth its salt takes care of all these moving parts for you so you don’t have to even think about it. You can do the job of running your business and not having to be a contest administrator. That’s why it’s important to feel like you are in the right hands and a marketing agency may not have the A to Z services that you need or they may be too spread out with other types of campaigns to truly focus on the success of the contest.

The Legal Stuff

If legalese makes you groan, don’t worry. We won’t bore you with legal details of what is needed for a contest because you won’t have to know or think about it if you hire a sweepstakes company. They will take care of the legal compliance issues. It is important to know that you do have to be legally compliant as many states have their own regulations and you want to make sure you don’t get into any legal trouble just for running a fun little contest.

Nothing is worse than spending time and money on a campaign only to get sued for all it was worth. Did you know that you will need release forms and affidavits? Yes yes do not overlook the legal stuff. It will come back to bite you.

Prizes – what’s the big deal?

You may think handing over some prizes is easy peasy, but have you truly thought about the particulars of arranging exactly when to give the prize, how (shipping), tax issues with the IRS, procuring the prizes in the first place and when to do that?

Does your marketing guy have time to determine and notify the winners? Does he have time to verify the winners? Will he remember to do it in the time specified in the contest rules?

As mentioned previously, you don’t want to get this wrong, because your reputation is at stake when running these kinds of promotions. A sweepstakes company can do all that for you.

Evaluating the performance of your campaign

The contest or sweepstakes is over. Phew. Now, how successful was it? How can you determine that? Will you know your numbers? Will a marketing agency be able to provide all that?

Probably the most important thing about running a sweepstakes is to know your metrics of your campaign and be able to evaluate that and improve upon it the next time you run a campaign.

A sweepstakes company will normally have an online system that does the metrics and runs the reports for you. They will work with you beforehand to determine what factors you want to see and then they will keep track.

This way you can know a much better idea of your return on investment, which is key to your company goals.

Final notes

By now, you have a very good idea of why hiring a sweepstakes company is your best bet when it comes to running a successful contest. With the right guidance and service, you can be assured you are doing the right thing to create the best possible outcome for your promotional campaigns!

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