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CFA and Samsung Present: Solve For Tomorrow

In today’s changing world, and with a lot of options to choose from, many young people are not paying as much attention to math and science as they did before. Given the fact that they are often seen as much more challenging subjects or careers, a lot of students tend to shy away from concentrating on them and opt to put them aside and focus on other things completely.

In order to encourage the growth of math, science, engineering, and technology among students, Samsung, a world-leading manufacturer of computers and electronics, has come up with a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) program that is meant to help in improving students’ interest and ability in STEM subjects.

Samsung has set out to organize a contest which will be held nationwide.  The contest is open to teachers and students in public schools who are between the 6th and 12th grade. This contest is meant to highlight how STEM can help in any local community.

All contestants are required to register and apply between September 6th and November 13th, 2018, before taking part in the competition. The contest will be held in a series of three rounds, and the first round is expected to have a total of 250 contestants selected to submit their activity plan in December. In the second round, 50 winners will be selected and will also be required to submit their project videos by February 2019. The ten top contestants from among them will then be selected during the third round. These ten will then be voted on through social media.  The ten finalists will then proceed to the finale and pitch their projects and present prototypes to a live panel of judges. The grand finale, which will be held in April 2019, will see the top three contestants revealed as the national winners.

Participating in this contest will give students a much-needed opportunity to explore these subjects in a whole new and fun way as they compete with other schools and students for amazing prizes.

To make things even more interesting, Samsung will have a mentorship program where the students will have an opportunity to work with Samsung employees to help in their projects and offer their expertise whenever needed. This will be done through webinars, Skype video calls, and more.

This contest will not only give the students a chance to learn but will also give them a chance to walk away with awesome prizes from Samsung. These prizes include:

  • $1 million worth of Samsung technology for the school
  • A chance to give back to society by raising over $600 through
  • A round trip for the school representative
  • 20k, 50k, and 100k prize packages
  • A Samsung Galaxy Tab

This is a wonderful learning opportunity for children across America and will give them a chance to give back to society, build their leadership skills, and learn more, while also exploring the different modes of learning through technology. All of this is necessary in today’s digital age, and students will feel good knowing they are also making a lasting impact on the community around them.

CFA has worked with Samsung for the past six years to bring this STEM program to students nationwide. To learn more or enter the contest, please click here.

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