Every Business Makes Mistakes
What Matters is How Your Handle it NASA once made a mistake when a project’s measurements were done in standard, rather than metrics. The total cost of that blunder was $250 million. In 1999, a little start-up business called Google was offered to (then) number 2 search engine, Excite, for […]
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The Evolution of Sweepstakes Promotions
How CFA Promo has grown, changed and evolved with the ever-changing landscape? Sweepstakes and contests have been around since the 15th century, but it was the early days of small businesses promoting their wares that began the trend of using giveaways to bring attention to that business and bring customers […]
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CFA New Point of Sale 3-D Displays
CFA and Stackawraps a London Based innovation Company have created a new, innovative proprietary process for creating a stunning 3-D point of sale displays, using corrugated card stock, that is sustainable and affordable. Though cardboard is a better and more sustainable choice when it comes to point of sales displays, […]
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