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How to Boost Online Presence with a Hashtag Sweepstake

If you’re thinking of building your presence on social media, one of the best and most effective ways to do it is by conducting a promotional campaign. A good example is using the hashtag sweepstake. It is easy to run, costs less, and can give you more reach when done well. What is a hashtag [...]

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4 Ways to Protect Your Company From Sweepstakes & Contests Fraud

Digital contests are one of the most effective ways to accomplish your marketing goals. A well-executed sweepstake or contest will greatly contribute to driving traffic and conversions, especially when social media is involved. The right prize and game can help your business grow, attract new customers, and encourage action. You will also be able to [...]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Contests

The social media landscape today has become more powerful than ever. With a wide range of possibilities and applications that range from gatherings and online parties to full-blown fundraisers that never cease to get attention, these platforms can achieve anything when they’re used the right way.  Out of all the different applications of social media [...]

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5 Blog Contests Users Can Venture into – Our Guide

Blog contests are an excellent approach to give away prizes to your much-valued readers or customers. Unfortunately, many online users tend to overlook these contests being offered by a lot of bloggers out there. What they fail to realize is how they can take advantage of these special giveaways that are truly worth receiving to [...]

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Sweepstakes Vs. Contests: How to Use Them for Your Marketing Efforts

There is a wide variety of making promotions employed by marketing professionals to increase brand reach and awareness. However, the term “promotion” is so broad that you can fit almost any marketing tactic within its realm of boundaries, including Contests, Sweepstakes, Instant Win Games, Loyalty Programs, or Continuity Programs. Among those mentioned, Sweepstakes and Contests [...]

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Why Sweepstakes Is Beneficial to Your Marketing Strategy – What to Know

You may have seen advertisements for sweepstakes and similar contests on the internet and might be wondering how sustainable this format is. Sweepstakes promotion is a marketing strategy that aims to increase user and consumer engagement. The public sees that you’re offering potential prize winnings, allowing them to get involved with your brand. Hence, they [...]

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Choosing a Sweepstakes Company Manager – Our Guide

Giveaways, prize fulfillment, lottery games, and contests for your marketing promotions are a hassle if your team doesn’t have the necessary experience and knowledge to pull it off. This is where sweepstake management companies come into the picture. They take the responsibility off your shoulders so that your team can focus on growing your company. [...]

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3 Reasons to Invest in Sweepstakes Administration Services – What to Know

If you’ve been trying your chances of winning millions in one fell swoop, then chances are that sweepstakes are a familiar option that comes up every once in a while. Aside from sports betting, poker, and slot machines, sweepstakes are another form of gambling that affords anyone—whether rich or poor—the opportunity to win a large [...]

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3 Ways to Create a Buzz for Your Newly Launched Product – What to Know

For any business, nothing can be as exciting as launching a new product as a result of investing much time, energy, and money into its creation. Before making it known, however, you will want to ensure that it resonates well with your target market. Your goal is to make sure that your newly launched product [...]

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5 Tips in Running Effective Promotional Contests – Our Guide

When it comes to promoting your business, one way to shake things up and get your customers excited is with the use of promotional contests. These can take on many different forms, but the intention is always to generate buzz about your brand. By including these types of promotions in your overall marketing strategy, you [...]

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