Augmented Reality

As you build out award winning displays and retail activations for 2024-2025, imagine adding AR functionality to your displays and all packaging and or billboards, FSI etc.  
CFA has partnered with an award winning partner who has executed programs with Dr.Pepper, Shaq, Dominos Pizza and we are very excited to share their first-of-its-kind app-less AR technology enabling brands to publish digital content (2D, 3D, 360, video, audio) into the physical world, overlaying your ads, products, displays packaging/labels and more. We can turn any flat surface into an AR experience.
Your audiences can then access the digital layers by simply scanning a QR code, opening a link or tapping an NFC tag. All of the digital layers are updateable, recordable & shareable. It can work also by just pointing your camera at an object.
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