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How to Boost Online Presence with a Hashtag Sweepstake

If you’re thinking of building your presence on social media, one of the best and most effective ways to do it is by conducting a promotional campaign. A good example is using the hashtag sweepstake. It is easy to run, costs less, and can give you more reach when done well. What is a hashtag [...]

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4 Ways to Protect Your Company From Sweepstakes & Contests Fraud

Digital contests are one of the most effective ways to accomplish your marketing goals. A well-executed sweepstake or contest will greatly contribute to driving traffic and conversions, especially when social media is involved. The right prize and game can help your business grow, attract new customers, and encourage action. You will also be able to [...]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Contests

The social media landscape today has become more powerful than ever. With a wide range of possibilities and applications that range from gatherings and online parties to full-blown fundraisers that never cease to get attention, these platforms can achieve anything when they’re used the right way.  Out of all the different applications of social media [...]

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