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Sweepstakes Agencies

If you’re planning sweepstakes, it might be wise to consider hiring a sweepstakes agency. These types of marketing events can be challenging to plan and manage. Especially with the numerous legal obstacles, you must hurdle. One forgotten element can cost you loads of money and the reputation of your company.   A sweepstakes agency can [...]

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Prize Fulfillment Company

Are you planning a marketing event that includes prizes? If so, CFA Promo wants to assist you in fulfilling all your rewards to your winners. We are a promotional company specializing in prize fulfillment and many other fantastic services that will have your business overflowing with popularity and profits. We have the power to make [...]

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Contest Administration Companies

Hosting a contest is a fun and exciting way to engage with your customers over your products and services. Consumers will showcase their abilities while performing a specific talent in hopes to win a prize that reflects on your company. As you advertise your contest, you will promote your company. Once people get a sample [...]

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Sweepstakes Administration Companies

If you want to hold a sweepstake as a promotional event for your company, you have probably at least once been intimidated by the number of legal guidelines that exist. Don’t throw in the towel just yet. Sweepstakes administration companies exist to plan and manage all of that for you.   Running a business is [...]

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