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Sweepstakes Administration

Can you execute a marketing sweepstakes promotion on your own? You can try -- if you're a glutton for punishment. It's a much better idea to partner with a sweepstakes administration company like CFA. A promotional sweepstakes contest can go one of two ways for a business: Either it can be a smashing success with [...]

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Individual Cases for Skills Contests and Sweepstakes

Skills contests and sweepstakes are effective ways to engage with your customers and promote your goods and services. These promotional marketing tools will increase popularity and enthusiasm and have consumers returning to your company in the future. Specific laws go hand in hand with skills contests and sweepstakes. Failure to comply with these regulations can [...]

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Specific Requirements for Skills Contests

Skills contests are innovative promotional marketing tools that will help your company’s popularity and sales soar. These contests can be fun ways to introduce and encourage consumer sales for your product or service. There are specific legal requirements for skills contests that you must follow or there will be costly consequences for your business. Each [...]

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Specific Requirements for Sweepstakes

So, you’ve decided to run a sweepstakes drawing to promote the popularity of your company and the goods, products, and services you offer to consumers. It’s an excellent idea, but one that comes with specific legal requirements that can cost you if you don’t abide by them in the long run. There are different laws [...]

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Sweepstakes and Skills Contests

If you have decided to run a sweepstakes or skills contest, you need to be aware of the often overlooked complex legal glaze that comes as a package deal. In the competitive, tech-savvy marketplace that today’s society offers, businesses heavily rely on cutting-edge promotions on social networking platforms to increase their popularity and sales. However, [...]

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