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CFA and Samsung Present: Solve For Tomorrow

In today’s changing world, and with a lot of options to choose from, many young people are not paying as much attention to math and science as they did before. Given the fact that they are often seen as much more challenging subjects or careers, a lot of students tend to shy away from concentrating [...]

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‘America to me’ Spoken Word Contest

Racism in the U.S. has been a major issue that Americans have been fighting for centuries, since long before the Martin Luther King, Jr. era. There have been many efforts carried out to address the problem.  The latest of these is a welcome and refreshing twist on the decades-long conversation, inviting the younger generation to [...]

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Joker’s Wild Promo with Snoop Dogg

CFA is always asked to think outside the box. We recently created for a Turner’s TV show Joker's Wild, hosted by Snoop Dogg an amazing weekly Give-Away and a CHANCE to win $50k without breaking the bank. Goal: Consumers needed to watch weekly episodes of Snoop Dogg “The Joker's Wild” to get the key [...]

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Open A Bottle and Uncap the Jackpot

This summer over 250 Million Americans will have a chance to win in Novamex’s Uncap the Jackpot sweepstakes! FUEL Partnerships created this exciting promotion that will run on all bottles of Jarritos, Sidral Mundet, Sangria Senorial and Mineragua. Beginning on May 1st consumers will find an exclusive code under every cap of these brands and can instantly win great [...]

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Sweepstakes Management

If you’re planning on conducting a sweepstake, you most likely already have the responsibility of managing a business. In addition to that, you’re going to have to maintain the sweepstakes. Instead of piling more on top of your plate, let a company that specializes in sweepstakes management do it for you.   Maneuvering the legal [...]

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Contest Administration Services

Planning a contest can be overwhelming. There is a lot of essential elements that go into the success of the promotion and numerous rules that you must follow. Even just one that gets left out can result in a costly lawsuit that will bring down your company’s credibility and reputation. If you’re planning a contest, [...]

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Sweepstakes Agencies

If you’re planning sweepstakes, it might be wise to consider hiring a sweepstakes agency. These types of marketing events can be challenging to plan and manage. Especially with the numerous legal obstacles, you must hurdle. One forgotten element can cost you loads of money and the reputation of your company.   A sweepstakes agency can [...]

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Prize Fulfillment Company

Are you planning a marketing event that includes prizes? If so, CFA Promo wants to assist you in fulfilling all your rewards to your winners. We are a promotional company specializing in prize fulfillment and many other fantastic services that will have your business overflowing with popularity and profits. We have the power to make [...]

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