Creative Thinkers

Designers. Planners. Account managers. And the like. A good team we hope you’d say.

CFA is a developer and provider of Internet promotion solutions to help companies meet their corporate objectives. CFA (COHEN-FRIEDBERG ASSOCIATES) is a premier provider of online, traditional and integrated marketing and sales promotions. CFA is designed to act as a unique "one stop" full-service sales promotion agency.

For the "traditional" promotions CFA creates and executes the following: sweepstakes, sweepstakes management, on-pack and in-pack promotions, scratch & win games, UPC rebate concepts, incentive marketing and partnership programs. "Traditional" services may include creative, planning, game rules, game registration and bonding, printing, point of sale development, winner notification, Affidavits of Compliance and Release, tax issuance to winners and fulfillment.

For "online" promotions, CFA provides: concepts, co-branded opportunities, prize solicitation, promotional "splash page" creative, support page development, promotion hosting, instant e-mail confirmations of game play, flash mail, tell a friend programs (viral marketing), game programming/logic, data collection, data storage, email animation, major prize pool insurance plus all administration necessary to conduct a turn-key event.

CFA maintains expertise in the most complex of online promotions including its own uniquely created online games: sports challenges, lottery style events, lucky number configurations, scratch card games, concentration games and cutting-edge blending of "click and mortar" programs linking "mortar to click" or "click to mortar" activities.

CFA offers its services on a long-term contractual basis or on a project only basis. CFA is positioned to work directly with clients or through their advertising or promotional agencies. This unique positioning allows CFA to be used as a non-conflicting sales promotion agency or as an "outsource" for other agencies. The caliber and experience of our employees, the off-line and online archive of completed projects, the perfect execution of each program, the variety of promotions created and the "One Stop" capabilities enables CFA to be a valuable company to many marketers.

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