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In The Constant Contact Developer Challenge

App Requirements:


  • You may enter the Contest by being a current Constant Contact customer or by having an active Constant Contact Developer trial account. (Please note: Your Developer trial account & API credentials were emailed to you after you registered for the contest.)

  • You must also leverage Constant Contact’s current API’s


  • The Apps should be submitted via .zip file with detailed instructions.

  • A Participant may submit more than one Entry. At the time of submission, the Participant must designate ONE and ONLY ONE category that the Entry is submitted under.

    Contact Management: (Example- Integrations into Google Address Book, iCal, Salesforce, or custom sign-up forms.)

    Social Media: (Example- Better ways to share content or aggregate content across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.)

    Mobile: (Example- Apps that leverage Constant Contact on Android, iPad, or iPhone.)

  • Check the category you are entering your Application under.

Remember, the Application must leverage Constant Contact's API. Entrant must supply detailed instructions on how to install and/or run the Application provided. Entrant’s instructions shall provide the use case and step-by-step instructions for demonstration. Application may be run from your paid Constant Contact account, or from a free Constant Contact Developer trial account.



If your Application has a web component, Your entry must include instructions on how to obtain access to the web Application, including instructions on setting up an account and/or any other web services (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn etc.) that are needed for the Application demonstration. Web Applications should run in a browser installed on a laptop running Windows XP, Ubuntu or on a Mac.

If Mobile Application please verify before submitting your entry that the device (specific phone, OS, etc.) and network being used are those that Constant Contact can test. Applications on devices that Constant Contact does not have access to cannot be judged and will be disqualified. Devices must not be required to be unlocked or hacked in any fashion.

Any third party software or accounts required for the operation of your Application shall be provided by Entrant in accordance with all Applicable laws; Constant Contact will not purchase software to test Applications.



Generally, an Application that needs only a web browser and a PSDN-phone connection to be executed should be executable; however, if additional requirements are needed to execute the Application, then it may not be judged.

Applications that do not follow the Submission Schedule and other rules or that cannot be executed by the Judges will not be eligible to participate in the contest and deemed disqualified.



Enter as many Applications as you wish by October 31st, however each Application may only be entered into one (1) category. Your last chance to upload your app expires in: